Play It Like It's Music - podcast interview w/ Kevin 

Here is a great podcast interview and write up on Kevin from Play It Like It's Music with Trevor Exter. Check out how excited Kevin was to do the show, he says, "Here is an interview that I did in New York City while on the road with Tarja Turunen for a wonderful podcast called Play It Like It's Music, which is supposed to be about music. But ended up being about life. For me, there really is no difference! I hope you enjoy. Share it where it can be shared! First time in my life I've listened to an…

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Kevin Joins Sebastian Bach Tour Beginning October 10th! 

Kevin spoke with Metal Shock Finland about the decision to leave his long-time European gig with Tarja and join Sebastian Bach's US tour.

Los Angeles, CA based bassist Kevin Chown (CHAD SMITH’S BOMBASTIC MEATBATS, COSMOSQUAD, PAUL GILBERT) has announced that he will be joining former SKID ROW vocalist SEBASTIAN BACH for a fall tour of the U.S. after a 9-year stint with Finnish artist TARJA TURUNEN.

“I’m really looking forward to joining Sebastian and his band once again.  He is a good friend and life

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Interview w/ Kevin in Ethereal Metal Webzine 

Check out this great new interview Kevin did with Ethereal Metal Webzine about touring, recording, and not allowing Epilepsy to interfere with the music.

Hello Kevin, thanks for doing this interview with us. In September 2018 Tarja finally made it back the the states. I was cheering you guys on in NYC. How did the shows go in the States?

"It was great to finally do some shows in the USA after 8 full years seeing the rest of the world with all my crazy friends. The shows went well. It was interesting

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Kevin's episode of Allt för Sverige 

Kevin's featured episode of Allt for Sverige has aired in Sweden and now we can watch it here in the US. As Kevin explains, "The story of how my family from Sweden to the USA in the 1800's is a deeply complicated story that I didn't expect. It angered me personally and emotionally. But, it explained so much o why I am who I am: determined! The magic of this show is to tell "the story," in all it's unpleasant details if required, of why people left Sweden and headed to America. I had never before looked at…

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New CD - Kevin Chown 

NEW CD available October 19th, 2018 - Kevin Chown’s new release, simply titled “Kevin Chown” is a reintroduction to his solo recordings, “Freudian Slip” and “Light the Way” along with three previously unreleased songs “Detroit Shuffle” featuring guitarist Jeff Kollman, “Paris,” and “Move the People.” All the previously released songs have been completely remastered and reordered for this release and the new CD showcases Kevin’s ability to move from rock/metal to funk to jazz effortlessly. This…

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