Kevin's episode of Allt för Sverige

Kevin's featured episode of Allt for Sverige has aired in Sweden and now we can watch it here in the US. As Kevin explains, "The story of how my family from Sweden to the USA in the 1800's is a deeply complicated story that I didn't expect. It angered me personally and emotionally. But, it explained so much o why I am who I am: determined! The magic of this show is to tell "the story," in all it's unpleasant details if required, of why people left Sweden and headed to America. I had never before looked at my family's departure from Sweden as being necessary to simply survive. When you look at any immigrant, anywhere in the world, survival of striving for a better life is always the root cause of moving to the other side of the globe. Why would my family be any different? It was wonderful to learn of the difficult struggles they overcame, simply to be given a chance, and to rediscover my roots. I feel blessed to have the life that I do have as a musician. But learning the story of how it all started gave me an even deeper appreciation for just how lucky I am to be alive. And, prouder than ever of my own heritage!" Watch the episode below!