No Treble Interview with Kevin


Kevin leaves Tarja Turunen's band after 9 years. Read the interview in No Treble.


Kevin talks with Brave World


Check out the article on Kevin in Brave World.


Rock Reloaded Radio catches up with Kevin's fall schedule


Rock Reloaded Radio talks with Kevin on Tarja, Sebastian Bach, and appearing on the Thomas Lang CD Progpop with Marc Bonilla, Freddie Nelson, Milan Polak, and more.


Vents Magazine catches up with Kevin


Kevin speaks with Vents Magazine regarding joining Sebastian Bach tour and working with young singer/songwriter Trevor Ohlsen from his hometown of Escanaba, MI.


Kevin Joins Sebastian Bach Tour Beginning October 10th!


Kevin spoke with Metal Shock Finland about the decision to leave his long-time European gig with Tarja and join Sebastian Bach's US tour.

Los Angeles, CA based bassist Kevin Chown (CHAD SMITH’S BOMBASTIC MEATBATS, COSMOSQUAD, PAUL GILBERT) has announced that he will be joining former SKID ROW vocalist SEBASTIAN BACH for a fall tour of the U.S. after a 9-year stint with Finnish artist TARJA TURUNEN.

“I’m really looking forward to joining Sebastian and his band once again.  He is a good friend and life with Bas is always an adventure.  And working with Bobby (Jarzombek) and Brent (Woods) is working with the best of the best.  It’ll be nice to finally be doing a U.S. tour again after spending years overseas with TARJA. We’ll be playing the first SKID ROW record in its entirety which I’m sure the fans are gonna totally dig. I’m jumping aboard October 10 in Ramona, CA and finish out the tour from there, ending in Florida in early November. 

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Interview w/ Kevin in Ethereal Metal Webzine


Check out this great new interview Kevin did with Ethereal Metal Webzine about touring, recording, and not allowing Epilepsy to interfere with the music.

Hello Kevin, thanks for doing this interview with us. In September 2018 Tarja finally made it back the the states. I was cheering you guys on in NYC. How did the shows go in the States?

"It was great to finally do some shows in the USA after 8 full years seeing the rest of the world with all my crazy friends. The shows went well. It was interesting seeing the contrast between the international audiences and the one here in the USA. It was totally different perspective on things. It was a pleasure to play all of the shows, NYC especially. That was the best show of the USA tour."

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Kevin - 2019 Tarja Tour


Starting in May 2019 Kevin will be back on the road with Tarja Turunen touring Europe, Spain, Greece, Ukraine, and much more. Check the calendar page for all the latest dates!



Kevin's episode of Allt för Sverige


Kevin's featured episode of Allt for Sverige has aired in Sweden and now we can watch it here in the US. As Kevin explains, "The story of how my family from Sweden to the USA in the 1800's is a deeply complicated story that I didn't expect. It angered me personally and emotionally. But, it explained so much o why I am who I am: determined! The magic of this show is to tell "the story," in all it's unpleasant details if required, of why people left Sweden and headed to America. I had never before looked at my family's departure from Sweden as being necessary to simply survive. When you look at any immigrant, anywhere in the world, survival of striving for a better life is always the root cause of moving to the other side of the globe. Why would my family be any different? It was wonderful to learn of the difficult struggles they overcame, simply to be given a chance, and to rediscover my roots. I feel blessed to have the life that I do have as a musician. But learning the story of how it all started gave me an even deeper appreciation for just how lucky I am to be alive. And, prouder than ever of my own heritage!" Watch the episode below!



New CD - Kevin Chown


NEW CD available October 19th, 2018 - Kevin Chown’s new release, simply titled “Kevin Chown” is a reintroduction to his solo recordings, “Freudian Slip” and “Light the Way” along with three previously unreleased songs “Detroit Shuffle” featuring guitarist Jeff Kollman, “Paris,” and “Move the People.” All the previously released songs have been completely remastered and reordered for this release and the new CD showcases Kevin’s ability to move from rock/metal to funk to jazz effortlessly. This re-imagined release is the perfect introduction to Kevin’s music for new fans and a “must have” for long-time fans. Check the music tab to take a listen and purchase.


Kevin Joins Cast of TV's The Great Swedish Adventure


TARJA bassist KEVIN CHOWN joins the cast of The Great Swedish Adventure reality TV Show


May 16, 2018 - Los Angeles, CA based musician KEVIN CHOWN, bass player for Finnish artist TARJA as well as CHAD SMITH'S BOMBASTIC MEATBATS, COSMOSQUAD, and DER ELEFANT, will take part in Season 8 of Swedish Emmy-award winning reality TV show Allt för Severige (Everything for Sweden), marketed internationally as The Great Swedish Adventure. Allt för Sverige is one of the most popular television shows in Sweden and is regularly watched by up to 30% of the country's viewing audience.

"I've done a few parts on TV shows here in L.A. but nothing quite like what's about to happen," enthuses Chown. "It's a wonderful opportunity to be in the 2018 cast of Allt för Sverige, a unique show that I'm sure it will be one of the greatest experiences of my life! One rooted in my heritage. I've been blessed to travel as a musician to over 60 countries, but never have I had a chance to see Sweden even though Tarja is based next door in Finland where I've played multiple times. So this is extra special - to learn about where my family is from, learn about the culture and, hopefully, meet my entire living Swedish family! And if that's not enough, I'll also have the opportunity to play the legendary Sweden Rock festival with Tarja on June 9, which is less than a month away. So all roads seem to be leading to Sweden this summer! It's the trip of a lifetime. And my life has been A TRIP!"

Kevin Chown is a native of Escanaba, MI and has been a professional musician since the age of 15. He first made a name for himself as a member of 90's progressive metal act, EDWIN DARE, before becoming an in-demand session touring bass player for the likes of TED NUGENT, TILES, TONY MACALPINE, ARTENSION, UNCLE KRACKER, CHUCK BERRY, SEBASTIAN BACH, and PAUL GILBERT, amoung others. As a solo artist Chown has released Freudian Slip (1996) and the Light the Way EP (2013) which spawned the videos We Light the Way and Alive, respectively.

Season 8 of Allt för Sverige will be shooting during May and June with the first episodes set to air in October 2018.

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