Welcome to the GROOVE BUBBLE

By Tim McFadyen

g r O O v e  b u b b l e

I love playing bass. Period. Always have. I guess it's my personality. Why is this important? Because I need others to do my thing, know what I'm saying? Bass is a supportive instrument. Thus, you need music to support. You know what gets me really excited as a musician? When someone sends me a GREAT song and says PLAY BASS ON THIS FOR ME. This is where you come in. I need YOUR music! Hire me to play on YOUR recordings. Yes, you can do that right here, right now. THAT'S what groovebubble is all about. It's about me playing bass. I can give you whatever you want. Electric, acoustic, upright. Rock, funky, simple, complex. Its up to you. Click HERE for a step by step description of how this all works.

How it works • Gear List • What is re-amping? • Pricing

 *Drawing: Tim McFadyen

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