Gear List

1989 Music Man CR5 (Red)
2011 Music Man CR5 (Natural)

2013 Music Man CR5 (Black with Ebony)

1977 Music Man "Stingray"

1966 Fender Jazz (all original)
1970 Fender Precision (all original)
1970 Fender Precision (rebuilt w Bartolini Pickups)
1998 Fender Jazz American Standard V (with Lindy Fralin vintage pickups)
1962 Hagstrom "Viking" (hollowbody)
2010 FGN (Fujigen) EDR-5R/FM
1991 Ken Smith BT4 (Lacewood)
1991 Ken Smith CR6 (Maple)
2009 TripleCross V "Screaming Monster"
2001 Hofner "Club" Bass

1915 german upright 3/4 contrabass
1998 Epiphone "el Capitan" V (acoustic bass guitar)
2011 Ortega Lizard "Uke" Bass
2012 Ortega KT 5 Acoustic Bass Guitar (5 string)
2012 Ortega KT 5 Acoustic Bass Guitar (5 string fretless)


-Distorsore (distortion/overdrive)
-Super Synth
-Riverbero (reverb)

-Bass Chorus
-Super Octave
-Bass EQ

-Bass Driver (distortion)
-Bass Synth Wah
-DigiDelay (delay)
-Musitronics Mutron Phasor 2
-Ernie Ball Volume Pedal

Direct Boxes
-SansAmp "Bass Driver"
-Radial JDI
-Little Labs "Redeye" Re-amp box

1966 Ampeg B15N Portflex Combo (flip top)
Markbass SD1200 Head
Markbass LittleMark 800 Head
Markbass LittleMark 400 Head
Fender Pro 1200 Head

Markbass 4x10
Markbass 2x10

Markbass 1x15
Fender 2 x 10
EA (Euphonic Audio) cxl 1x10
Aguilar GS112

Recording Gear
Logic Pro Software v. 9.1.4
Native Instruments "Guitar Rig"
Markbass Mark Studio 1 Amp Modeling System
Adam Monitors P11 A (with sub woofer)
Vintech X73i Mono (class A) Pre Amp (clone of Neve 1073)
(2) API 3124 PreAmps
Avalon 737p PreAmp
(2) Empirical Labs EL8-X "Distressor" Compressors
RME Fireface 800 Interface
Mac Tower 2 x 2.8 Ghz Quad Core Intel Xeon
Mics (for upright/acoustic/re-amping)
Neuman U87
Sennheiser 421
Shure SM57 (vintage)
AKG D112
Neuman KM184 (pair)

Misc Other Equipment (of significance)
1921 Baldwin 6'2" Grand Piano
1974 Fender Rhodes "Suitcase" (restored by Ken Rich)
1966 Slingerland Drumset (fully restored to original condition)
1973 Gibson Les Paul Custom
1964 Fender Duo Sonic


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